Produced By
Giovanni Galindo, Jose Galindo, Denise & Guy Goodman, Michael Illuzi, Adam Brian Dada
Sam Riggenbach, Marcus Furness, Dulce Nieto, Adriana Garcia, Terrence Weatherly, Max Barth, Bryant McDowell

Written By
Giovanni Galindo

Directed By 
Giovanni Galindo

Lunchbox is by far one of our most heartfelt and happy-go-lucky films to date. This film follows to homeless young men who still see the best in the everyday. Unfortunately, at times they turn to theft in order to feed themselves. 

The real story begins when Marcus, our protagonist, steals a lunchbox that has a special watch inside. He feels bad for taking something that may mean a lot more than just a sandwich. He goes to sleep planning to return the watch the next day. In the morning when he wakes up he realizes someone has ransacked their tents and the lunchbox is gone!

Marcus and his best friend Ronnie go out into the neighborhood, all interesting characters, in search for this stolen lunchbox so they can return it to its rightful owner. 

There is a twist, but for that, I'll let you watch the film :)

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