Produced By
Giovanni Galindo
Anthony Turner, Nathan Apodaca, Casper 'Chisongwriter' Alexander, Terrence Weatherly, Mike Mathias, Devin Rohrs, Marcus Furness, Tiemo Courtney, Bryant McDowell

Written By
Giovanni Galindo

Directed By 
Giovanni Galindo

Slum Absolution is a film about a leader of organized crime and a group of radical evangelists who are in a war over their turf. 

On one end we have Amadeus, a smart young man who is the leader of a crew of organized crime. On the other we have a group of evangelists who believe they were called to remove all that is foul from their neighborhood, a belief so strong they are willing to enact violence. 

Slum Absolution is a modernized personification of one of the biggest questions between believers today. What is the relationship between God's Law and God's Grace? Does one triumph over the other? Can one exist without the other? 

These questions are all asked and we hope it leads you to ask them for yourself.

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